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Do you want to tap into your creativity? Are you looking for a way to make a living from it? Then the Creative Notes newsletter is for you.

Creative Notes includes:

  • Advice on content creation
  • Thoughts on creative living
  • Links that inform and inspire
  • Ideas on independent business

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Who Writes Creative Notes?

I'm Brandon C. Bailey (B.C. Bailey for short). My fascination with creativity began as a kid, when I would draw comics and write stories.

Some of my experience includes:

  • A degree in art
  • 15+ years of working as a designer
  • Currently freelance writing

I've spent my life discovering how to make a living making things. Sometimes I've succeeded, other times I've failed. In the process I've found that the creative life is a meaningful life.

Creative Notes is my way of connecting with others who share my passion for creativity. It's an outlet to share what I've learned (and continue to learn) with others.

I currently live amid the humidity and cypress trees of Thibodaux, Louisiana with my wife Julie. When I'm not making things I enjoy a good book, a long walk, or a tasty dish (sushi or southern).

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