Welcome to bcbailey.be

Welcome to my house. Relax. Take off your shoes. Sit a spell.

This current blog is a reincarnation of an earlier blog entitled Go Create Now. I thought a more freeform blog would fit my brain space better. It's not very niche-y, but I'll see if I can carve out a niche or three (wait, I can't have more than one?). I hear there's gold in them thar niches!

But as of now, there's no set criteria for bcbailey.be. Content-wise, I envision the blog to be the mutant offspring of Brain Pickings, old school tumblelogs like Anarchaia and Projectionist, but does it float, the New Age Bullshit Generator, and listicles. Lots of listicles. It will have shorter Tumblr-style posts and images punctuated with occasional long-form content. But beyond all of this, I promise I will give you listicles.

Oh yeah, I'm in Louisiana, not Belgium. The .be domain stands for our mysterious state of being. Woah! Like Alan Watts said, existence is weird, man!

So step right in. Relax. Did I mention you could take off your shoes?

Enjoy the random cornucopia.

Just don't spill wine on the carpet.

70's Shag Carpet on stairs, yo!